IT staff is generally well trained for the technical implementation of security and do control their tools well. But often there is a lack of complying to process and regulatory requirements due to resource issues or the understanding of the importance of process compliance. Conversely in the business departments there is usually hardly a technical understanding and and a lack of understanding why certain security measurments are used and why.

Taylored for you

My training courses focus on your individual needs within the field of information security. Together we develop the necessary content topics. The form and content is matched to the respective participants. Information security is understood in all its facets in my individual training and can therefore be effectively implemented and practiced at all levels. Benefit from my years of experience!

IS Coaching for the Management

You want to question your information security measures?

You want to expand your knowledge of information security a manager needs?

You need a sparring partner who is familiar with the topics to be discussed unbiased?

Than individual coaching is right for you!