Data Protection

A full-time job of a data protection officer is not allways apropriete depending on the companies size and extent of the processing of personal data. Therefore a data privacy officers duty is often done by an dedicated employee as a secondary activity – with the uncertainty if the duty is fullfilled according to the regulations. I can assist your data protection officer in his activities with:

  • individual training
  • coaching
  • or a review of his approach and positioning within the company.

The data protection officer has to fullfill the following requirements: Only person with required expertise and reliability (confidentiality, integrity and a strong sense of responsibility) can be appointed as privacy data officer. Necessary expertise are computer engineering, business management and data protection expertise. Additionaly organizational and educational skills are required as well as readiness for conflictmamagement and strong communication skills.

Why an external Data Protection Officer

Experience shows that the data protection officer is most effective if he is totally independent and is not faced to any conflict of interests. In case you can not position satisfactory the data protection officer in accordance with the requirements, I am available as an external data protection officer to ensure that your business fullfils the data protection requirements.